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About Bubba's 33

Sports restaurant, not bar

Bubba’s 33 is in the game of serving made-from-scratch food. At Bubba’s 33, we stone bake every pizza in-house, grind our burgers and even bake our buns from scratch!

Who's Bubba?

Founder and CEO, Kent Taylor, earned the nickname “Bubba” over the years thanks to his people-first mentality. “Bubba” is a nickname commonly used in the south to address a brother. As a company that treats employees more like family, the name Bubba has stuck around.

What’s up with the 33?

It’s more than a number. It’s an attitude and a way of life. The end of the Prohibition in 1933 signaled great times ahead. Here at Bubba’s 33, we’re all about the mentality of pairing great food with great times.

2 in 1

At Bubba’s 33 you get the best of both worlds. Bubba’s 33 features a family dining section and a garage bar. Whether you’re meeting up with co-workers for happy hour or getting the Little League team together, Bubba’s 33 is the place to be.

More TVs than tables

When you walk in the doors of Bubba’s 33 you know you’re at a place with some character. No matter where you sit, you have a front-row seat. The walls are lined with TVs playing classic rock music videos, sports jerseys, neons, and other local flair!

Bubba’s 33 got friends in “Texas”

Bubba’s 33 was created in 2013 by Kent Taylor, founder and CEO of Texas Roadhouse restaurants. Kent’s vision was to create a restaurant where families, friends, and sports teams could gather to enjoy a lively atmosphere without sacrificing quality food. Bubba’s 33 is just that – a place for all things American – food, family, sports, and beer!

Bubba math:

  • Our #1 seller is the Bubba’s Bacon Burger, which is made with 33% bacon grind.
  • We have more than 60 giant HDTVs with great views of sports and music videos from every seat.
  • We offer over 40 beers, including 18 beers on tap.